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28 - Blogging on the go

I have hosted this blog on github pages, which is a static site generator. I am not fond of using blogging platform like wordpress, medium etc. as I don’t have much control on my blog files. Moreover, if someday I want to change to new blogging platform, I may lose my articles. So, being a software developer and a git-fan, I chose github pages to host my blog. The problem with static site generator is , you can’t write and publish your articles from mobile. I always login to my laptop and then write markdown files and the do git push. Gradually, I lost interest in this whole process and didn’t write any article for a long time. So, I decided to fix this and find a way to write and publish articles to my blog using mobile.

Here is the approach, I followed on my android mobile.

Step 1 - install MGit from playstore

Step 2 - clone your repository to MGit

Step 3 - Install markdown editor (I am using JotterPad)

Step 4 - Navigate to _posts directory in your github pages local repo

Step 5 - Create markdown file and write

Step 6 - go to MGit setting and add name and email

Step 6 - go inside MGit repo and click on toggle drawer at the right top corner, click on add all to stage

Step 8 - click on the commit, put commit comment

Step 9 - click on push and fill up github credentials

Step 10 - check your blog on the browser

NB : While writing next article, first git pull using MGit, then write using markdown editor

Done :)